Course Conditions

Monday, October 18, 2021




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Welcome to the homepage of the BMC golf associations

Here you will find all the information you need about Golf Course Conditions, your association, including weekly formats, special events and Interclub information. You can also find your association's policies and procedures as well as photographs and other information.  Simply click on the link to your association and look for the information you need. We hope you will find this site useful to you. We always welcome suggestions, so contact your Association President with ideas.


** NEW Sign up for Men's and Women's Association Play

Sign up / Registration for association play by going to the club website, We will NOT be using for any event registration. 

Every BMMGA, BMLGA, & BMLN event is listed on the BMC website calendar.

To Sign up:

  1. Log into the club member website 
  2. Click on the “Calendar” dropdown menu.
  3. Navigate to and click the BMMGA. BMLGA, BMLN  event you want to register for.
  4. Details of the event will be displayed.  
  5. Click on the “REGISTER” button (Note: the registration button will only be displayed when registration is open. For example, registration opens for May 12 golf day on May 5, 12:00 PM. 
  6. Please fill out the details of the form and submit it.  
  7. You should receive a confirmation email

Receiving Emails from your Association

Your Association may use the web software to send out association email blasts to you .  If you are a member of the BMMGA or the BMLGA Golf Associations then you should have received an email from them.  If you are not receiving emails from your association, i.e. BMC Golfers ,  then it may be that they are flagged as "junk mail".  Look in your junk mail, and if you find it there, mark that it is not junk and follow the steps by your email provider to make sure that future mail is not flagged as junk.