September 11 & 12:  Club Championship

September 14:  Member charged luncheon/meeting: ringers and birdies awards

BMLGA Agenda September 14, 2021 Luncheon Meeting

1. Minutes from previous meeting and Treasurer Report
2. Old Business
3. Slate for BMLGA Board 2022
   President: Pat Coupar
   Vice President: Carol Matney
   Secretary: Diane Duke
    Treasurer: Shawn Simone
    Nominations from the floor
    Voice Vote
4.  Tournaments 2022
     Member/ Guest: Charlene Cummins and Cindy Andresen
     Guest Day: Volunteers needed
5. Committees:
   Tournament Director: Karen Levine
    Seasonal Ringers/ Chip-ins: Cindy Riley
     Sunshine: Kathy Buschman
     Handicaps/ Rules: Volunteers  needed
     Nominating: Volunteers needed
6.  Inter-Club: Sue Morgan and Leslie Mayeron
7.   New Business
8.  Other
9.  Adjournment

September 25:  Black Bear Tournament

Sign up for our Tuesday events closes at midnight of the prior Saturday.

The staff in the Pro Shop may not be aware of all of the Association’s policies and idiosyncrasies.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.