Purpose:  To sponsor and organize all of the ladies 18 hole golf tournaments including but not limited to BMLGA golf day events, the BMLGA Championship, Member-Guest and Inter-Club and to have fun, play golf, get to know one another and increase our golf skills and knowledge.



  1. You must be a Beech Mountain Club member who has a yearly beginning Beech Mountain Golf Course handicap of 36 or less, from the most forward tee, to be eligible for participation in the BMLGA.  Dues are $85/year, which includes a USGA handicap charge, administration expenses and BMLGA Championship prizes.  Dues will be member charged.


  1. You must turn in to the Pro Shop your most current home club handicap card with at least 10 scores and the course rating.  This is required if you have played during the winter.  You must turn in your scores before you can play on BMLGA play days.  These scores will be entered immediately by the Pro Shop in the Beech Mountain computer.  The Pro Shop and our Handicap Chairman will jointly determine if the scores meet our handicap criteria.  If you did not play during the winter, please make the Handicap Chairman aware of this fact.


  1. Players will pay $5 for the prize fund each Tuesday play day in which they play.


  1. Prospective members who meet all of the BMLGA membership requirements will be welcome to play once before joining, but will not be eligible for prizes.


Play Days

  1. The deadline for sign-up and cancellation for play days will be on Saturday at midnight.  After that time, no other sign-ups will be accepted and those who cancel will forfeit the $5 prize fee.  The sign-up sheet is located on the BMLGA bulletin board or you may sign-up online: (Subject line: name, BMLGA, date).  On days that include a luncheon, you must write “NO” next to your name if you are playing but not staying for the luncheon, otherwise you will be charged for golf and the luncheon.  All application fees (greens fees, cart fees, prize money) will be charged directly and exclusively to your member account to be paid monthly as billed.  Luncheons will be automatically charged to your member account.  If you change your mind about lunch, it is your responsibility to remove your name from the list or call the restaurant if the list has been taken down.  The list will be removed from the bulletin board after noon on Monday preceding the event and turned into the restaurant.


  1. There will be a shotgun start every Tuesday at 9:00am with check-in at 8:30.  Pairings will be made by the Pro Shop staff.  The professional staff will select a Blind Draw, if necessary, prior to the start of play.  Only the person whose score will be used as the Blind Draw will be informed.  The Blind Draw person should be sure to record a score for each hole.  If they choose not to finish a hole, they must record the score they most likely would have received had they completed the hole (not necessarily the ESC score) and place an “X” in the box for that hole.  No Blind Draw will be selected for Member-Guest events or Ringer events.  The Blind Draw will not benefit from being a part of a team that used their score as their Blind Draw score.


  1. A guest on Beech Mountain may play once per season with a BMLGA member, but will not be eligible for prizes.


  1. One play day a month will be ABCD.  USGA rules govern all play.  Local rules are stated on the cards and instruction sheets will be given for special events.  PLEASE PLAY READY GOLF AT ALL TIMES! 


  1. Prizes will be awarded as credit in the Pro Shop, except for Association Championship and BMLGA special events.


  1. All scorecards must be signed, dated, attested and legible.  All Ladies Day postable scores shall be inserted in the computer by the Pro Shop staff.


  1. Ties will be broken (except for gross Champion and overall net Champion) by matching score cards as follows:  the last nine holes, if still a tie use the last six holes, last three holes, and finally, the 18th hole.


OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES:  The Executive Board will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Chair and other invited chairwomen as the President deems necessary.  The officers listed below are elected.

  1. PRESIDENT:  Presides at all meetings, appoints all committee and tournament chairmen (with suggestions and approval from the Board), serves as ex-officio member of all committees and approves all actions by committee chairs, provides the dining room with dates of our luncheon meetings and presents dates for tournaments for the following year for approval to the Golf Committee.  The President will provide the members with an agenda of each scheduled meeting via e-mail prior to the meeting.
  2. VICE-PRESIDENT:  Presides in the President’s absence and assumes additional responsibilities as directed by the President.  The Vice-President is encouraged to become President.
  3. SECRETARY:  Attends all meetings of the Officers and the Board of Directors and keeps records of the minutes of such meetings.  Makes available to the membership minutes of each general meeting via e-mail.
  4. TREASURER-MEMBERSHIP:  Will be responsible for the collection of all monies due the Association and records of all such collections, be responsible for the payment of all debts and obligations of the BMLGA, and will keep records of such disbursements and provide a financial update at all meetings.  She shall also record new memberships and maintain records of current members.  She will provide a roster of new members to all the membership.
  5. NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The nominating committee will consist of 3 Board Members and 2 members from the general membership appointed by the President.
  6. GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE:  The Grievance Committee will be made up of the BMLGA President, Tournament Chair and the Rules Chairman.  The Vice-President may take the President’s place if the President is unavailable.  The committee’s purpose is to handle any complaints about infringements of the Rules of Golf.



  1. PLAY DAY TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Prepare the complete play day schedule for the following year with the approval of the BMLGA Board.  She will direct the Pro Shop of weekly games making sure the tournaments are run correctly.  She will make sure the BMLGA Club Champion has her name placed on the Championship trophy.
  2. HANDICAP CHAIRMAN:  Will work with the Pro Shop to make sure all members handicaps are current, that all scores on Ladies Day are posted, and that new members meet our handicap criteria.  Will encourage all members to post scores for all golf rounds.  She is a member of the BMC Golf Committee’s Handicap Committee.
  3. RULES CHAIRMAN: The BMLGA rules committee will make determinations on rule questions or violations in our association play.  Will review rules published in our association book and work to educate members so they will be more knowledgeable during club play.  Members are asked when there is a question concerning rules, to ask (or be referred to) the pro.  The pro may give the member the ruling right then or he may get back to the member with the correct ruling after consulting with one or more members of the rules committee.
  4. RINGER/CHIP-INS CHAIRMAN: Will be responsible for collecting $5 for Ringer, Birdie and $5 for Chip-in money, and making sure players are paid at the end of the season.  Joining either or both is optional.  Players will be responsible for turning in the Ringer Cards in the assigned location after each recordable score tournament.  Chip-in, birdies and eagles will only be recorded if made during a recordable game on Ladies’ Day.  Members may join any time during the summer but only those scores earned after joining will be eligible for the prize pool.  Final cut off for Ringers and Chip-ins will be announced by the chairman.




All members must have (5) current season Beech Mountain scores.  Established members may participate by having a current USGA index and 5 current season BMC scores.  An established member is defined as one who has a BMC handicap from the previous year.  The Tournament Director will organize all aspects of the Championship.  The format will be determined by the Tournament Director, Club Pro and Board.  The tournament will be flighted and prizes determined by the Tournament Director and the Club Pro.  The deadline for sign-up will be the Friday before the event.  No late entrees will be permitted.


The chairman of this event will appoint all committee members.  The format of the tournament shall be at the discretion of the chairman.  The following rules have been set-up to regulate this event.

  1. Members will pay all usual green and cart fees.  Green fees only are waived for guests.  Cart fees for guests will be member charged.  Prizes and lunch are included in the cost.
  2. Only members with guests may play.
  3. Handicaps should be used in accordance with the format.
  4. A second guest may play with another BMLGA member of your choosing in your foursome.
  5. If a practice round is made available each member MUST MAKE HER OWN TEE TIME.

Members may not play with the same partner two years in a row.  Members should strive to have no more than a 10-stroke handicap differential with her chosen partner.  (If there is more than a 10-stroke differential, strokes will be deducted from the higher handicap.)


You must be a member of BMLGA to play in Inter-Club.  An email will be sent in May from the Inter-Club rep regarding sign-up procedures & notifications of play.  Maximum handicap index to play is 32.3.



  1. On most play days, members’ handicaps will be determined by the Instant Analysis Handicap.
  2. Sometimes, due to the playing, this is your handicap for that game only.
  3. All members of this club must record a score for all rounds of golf in which 13 or more holes of an 18 hole round are played.  Tournament rounds should be posted as such.
  4. Your gross score on each hole is the total number of strokes plus any penalty strokes.
  5. If you don’t finish a hole, or if you are conceded a stroke, the hole score is the score you most likely would have made, starting with the number of strokes and penalties taken so far.  This most likely score should be preceded on your card by an “X” (so it will not be in consideration for a ringer score).
  6. If you do not play a hole or you play it other than under the principles of the Rules of Golf, that hole score is equal to par plus any handicap strokes you are entitled to receive.

Course Handicap                                                         Maximum score on any hole

                                9 or less                                                                                                  double bogie

                                10-19                                                                                                 7

                                20-29                                                                                                 8

                                30-39                                                                                                 9


                      Post your adjusted score for every acceptable round for handicap purposes. 

                      Turn in your total score (before adjustment) for tournaments.

                      An unpostable score is:  An 18 hole round in which fewer than 13 holes are played,

                      when you play in competition limiting the types of clubs used, or when a   

                      majority of holes aren’t played under the Rules of Golf, as in a “Scramble”.




USGA rules govern play with the addition of the following local rules.  These rules apply only to Beech Mountain, and not to other courses.

LOCAL RULES:  Embedded ball rule:  A ball which remains “through the green” embedded in it’s own pitch mark in the ground may, without penalty, be lifted, cleaned, and dropped as near as possible to its original spot.

Out of Bounds:  Defined by white stakes and “OB” markings on cart path.

Hole #16  Players are not allowed to attempt to hit their tee shot to the green.  Penalty is disqualification and removal of the player from the golf course.


Free relief for:  Cart paths, ground under repair, sprinkler heads, casual water, immoveable obstructions and flowerbeds.  Procedure to follow:  If your ball lies on or you have interference for your stance or swing from any of the above, determine the nearest point of relief.  Determine your drop area by measuring one club length from that point, no nearer the hole.  Drop your ball in the permissible area.  (If your ball is in a bunker, drop within the bunker.)  Sprinkler heads near the green procedure:  If a ball lies through the green and an immovable obstruction on or within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two club-lengths of the ball intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may take relief as follows: The ball must be lifted and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay that (a) is not nearer the hole, (b) avoids intervention and (c) is not in a hazard or on a putting green.

Relief with penalties:

Out of Bounds:  OB is defined by white stakes and “OB” markings on the cart path.  The OB line is determined by the nearest inside points of the stakes at ground level.  “OB” markings mean the out of bounds line is the far edge of the cart path.  Private lawns and property adjacent to the golf course are out of bounds.  A ball is out of bounds only if all of it is out of bounds.  There is no relief from boundary stakes.  If your ball is lost or out of bounds, add one penalty stroke to your score and play a ball as near as possible to the spot from which your original ball was last played.

Provisional ball: If you think your ball is OB, to save time, play a provisional ball but inform your fellow competitor and play the provisional ball before you go forward to search for the original ball.  If you fail to do so, the second ball is not a provisional ball and becomes the ball in play under penalty of stroke and distance.  If the original ball is out of bounds or not found within 5 minutes, play the provisional ball with a one-stroke penalty.

Wrong ball:  If you make a stroke or strokes at a wrong ball that is not in a hazard, add a two-stroke penalty to your score and correct your mistake before you tee off on the next hole.  Otherwise, you will be disqualified.  Strokes made with the wrong ball do not count.

Water hazards:  Defined by yellow stakes.  (Holes #5, #9, #15 and #16.)  If the ball lies in, touches or is lost in a water hazard, the player may under penalty of one stroke: 

  1. Play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played.
  2. Drop a ball behind the water hazard, keeping the point at which the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind the water hazard the ball may be dropped.
  3. Or, with no penalty, play the ball as it lies.

Lateral water hazards:  Defined by red lines or stakes, such as those on hole #6 and #18.  If the ball is in a lateral water hazard, in addition to the above options, (A, B and C) under penalty of one stroke, you may drop a ball within 2 club lengths of the place where it last crossed the margin of the hazard, no closer to the hole.