As approved by the BMLN Board of Directors July 30, 1998

 (Revised October 1, 2013)



The Beech Mountain Lady Niners (BMLN).


To sponsor and organize all the ladies’ nine-hole golf play days and tournaments.  To enjoy playing golf in a fun, relaxed manner, improve our game and being together.


1.   Be a member of the BMC in good standing and be eligible to play golf as determined by the BMC.

2.  Submit to the membership chairperson:  a completed BMLN registration form and completed scorecards or an official handicap print-out of rounds played elsewhere as described in #3.

3.  Have a minimum of ten 9-hole scores which will be used to establish a temporary handicap with the intention of acquiring an official handicap (no limit) based on twenty 18-hole rounds.  (Approved by the Board on September 18, 2012)

4.  Pay the BMLN dues.

5.  Pay the handicap system fee and have a handicap identification number.

6.  Have a general knowledge of game fundamentals, etiquette, and rules of golf.

7.  Observe USGA and BMC rules, proper etiquette, BMLN by-laws, guidelines, and play day rules.

8.  Be able to play nine holes of golf, without assistance, within 2 hours and 15 minutes.

9.   Be able to drive a golf cart and comply with course signs.

10. Be able to correctly complete and verify a scorecard.


Members are expected to:

1.   Be responsible for keeping current on all BMLN events by checking announcements posted in the Association Room, attend meetings/luncheons, reading emails, and listening to announcements on play days.

2.   Notify the membership chairperson of a change of address, phone number, or e-mail.

3.   Improve understanding of golf rules, etiquette, and by-laws.

4.   Acquire and/or maintain a current handicap based on twenty 18-hole scores.

5.   Play with a maximum 46 handicap (23 for 9-holes) as directed by the USGA, during BMLN events.

6.   Sign-up for play days and events within set time limits.  Observe all event requirements.

7.  Comply with cancellation policies required by the pro shop and the BMLN guidelines.

8.   Sign-in with the pro shop, pay the appropriate fees and be ready to play at the designated time.

9.   Insure the accuracy of your scorecard by checking your handicap, checking the recording of your score and seeing that the card is dated, signed, attested and turned into the designated location.

10. Post all scores from BMC and other courses as determined by the pro shop policies.

11. Any member whose conduct is considered prejudicial or fails to fulfill her membership requirements may be suspended or expelled from membership by the BMLN Board of Directors.  Suspension or expulsion may be lifted with approval of the BMLN board.  Any concerns should be brought to the president immediately for investigation.


Ladies who meet all of the BMLN membership requirements may play once before joining, on a space available basis.  They pay the applicable green and cart fees.  They may be eligible for prizes if they contribute to the prize fund and present an official USGA handicap.  On scramble days no guest may play unless they contribute to the prize fund and present an official handicap.  Some play days may not be suitable for guests.


The BMLN Board of Directors shall establish annual dues.


The new year begins immediately after the final luncheon and election.


1.   General members shall elect the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer at the final luncheon.

2.   The president shall appoint the remaining members of the Board, chairpersons, coordinators, and grievance committee (as needed).

3.   The president shall appoint replacements if anyone is unable to fulfill her term of office.

4.   In the case of two ladies acting as co-chairperson, the president will determine if one or both will serve on the Board of


5.   Board and committee positions listed in these by-laws may not be filled every year or may be combined.  Other positions may be appointed by the president as needed.


1.   Directors will be responsible for monitoring and enforcing the by-laws and guidelines that relate to their jobs.

2.   Other duties will be designated by the president.

3.   Chairpersons and coordinators may recruit members for their committees and call meetings as necessary.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, with voting rights:

1.   President – Presides at all board meetings and oversees all BMLN activities.  Serves as the BMC Golf Committee Representative and as an ex officio of all BMLN committees; heads the nominating and grievance committees. 

2.   Vice- President and Publicity – Presides in the president’s absence and assumes additional responsibilities as directed by the president.  Coordinates all publicity along with tournament chairs.

3.   Secretary – Keeps minutes of all meetings.  Handles all correspondence.

4.  Treasurer – Handles all finances.

5.  Advisor – Is the prior president who advises the Board of Directors and the general membership.

6.  Membership/Handbook and By-laws Chairperson – Registers new members and keeps an accurate updated membership roster.  Organizes the handbook and by-laws, prints, and distributes handbooks.

7.  Handicap and Rules/Birdie and Chip-In Chairperson – Monitors and maintains the handicap roster to ensure handicaps are being posted.  Works closely with the Pro Shop to help members understand the rules and etiquette of golf.  Handles all related activities with birdies and chip-ins along with determining the “most improved player” each year.

8.   Member-Guest Tournament Chairperson – Organizes the Member-Guest tournament and luncheon.

9.   Crystal Cup Championship Chairperson (BMLN Championship) – Organizes Crystal Cup tournament, luncheon and awards presentation.

10.  Invitational Chairperson – Organizes the Invitational tournament and luncheon for ladies from other golf clubs.

11.  Play for the P.I.N.K. (PFP) Chairperson – Organizes tournament and luncheon, solicits silent auction items and sign patronage, collects and documents all contributions and monies, and acts as the point-of-contact (POC) with the Play for P.I.N.K. organization in New York City.

12.   3 Chicks and a Rooster Chairperson – Organizes tournament, luncheon and prizes to include BMLN members and male participants. 

13.   First/Final Luncheon Coordinator – Organizes the first (opening)/final luncheon.

14.   Historian Coordinator – Keeps the BMLN scrapbook current and available at luncheon meetings. 


1.   General membership meetings shall be held two times during the season or as deemed necessary by the president.         

2.   The last meeting will be the final luncheon meeting.  Elections and appointments will be held at this meeting.

3.   The president may call special meetings.

4.   The president shall call meetings of the Board.

5.   A simple majority vote of the entire Board is required to make changes, pass a resolution, or change the by-laws.

6.   Each person on the Board is entitled to one vote even if a person represents two or more board positions.