As approved by the BMMGA Board of Directors September 16, 1996


PURPOSE: To Sponsor and organize all the men’s golf tournaments including, but not limited to: Men’s Golf Day Events, The Beech Mountain Men’s Golf Association Championship, Men’s Member-Guest, and other special tournaments so designated by the Board of Directors of The Beech Mountain Men’s Golf Association (Hereafter designated as BMMGA).


A. Membership is open to all members in good standing at The Beech Mountain Club.

B. Any member whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the BMMGA may be expelled or suspended from membership by The Board of Directors.

C. Maintenance of Membership: Maintenance of membership in the BMMGA requires continuation as a member of The Beech Mountain Club.

D. For a new member to be in good standing and eligible to play for prizes, he must first have a USGA handicap index at The Beech Mountain Club.


Annual Dues shall be established by the Board of Directors of the BMMGA. The year shall be established as from May 1st to April 30th. Members are responsible for paying annual dues prior to May 1st for the current year or membership shall be forfeited.


The Board of Directors shall contain nine members.  Initially as three with terms of one year, three with terms of two years and three with terms of three years in order to provide continuity.  Each year three new members with three year terms shall be elected.


The affairs of the association shall be directed by its Officers and Board of Directors. The Officers shall be elected by The Board of Directors.  The officers shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer -  Membership Director.  The Board of Directors will include said officers and the Chairmen of the following standing committees which will be appointed by the President.

Weekly Tournaments Rules & Bylaws

Special Tournaments Handicap

Interclub Tournaments

Others as directed by the president

Productive members of the Board of Directors may be nominated by the Nominating Committee for one additional three year term, but under no circumstances shall any member of the Board of Directors serve more than two consecutive terms.


A. President -

1. Preside at all meetings.

2. Appoint all committee chairmen

3. Serves as ex-officio  member of all committees

4. Fill all vacancies

B. Vice President -

1. In the absence of the President, shall assume his responsibilities

C. Secretary –

1. Shall attend all meetings of the Officers and the Board of Directors and keep records of the minutes of such meetings.

2. Shall provide the members with notice of meetings and

       purpose of such meetings.

D. Treasurer – Membership –

1. Shall be responsible for the collection of all moneys due the Association and keep records of all such collections.

2. Shall be responsible for the payment of all debts and

      obligations of the BMMGA, and shall keep records of all such disbursements.

3. Make available to each Board Member a copy of the annual budget in May and a financial statement quarterly thereafter.

4. Record new memberships and maintain records of current members.


A. An annual meeting of the members shall be held in September of each year at a time and place specified by the President.  The agenda shall include, but not limited to:

1. Report of  the Secretary

2. Report of the Treasurer

3. Report of the President

4. Election of Board Members for the ensuing year.

B. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called by the President.  The Quorum to hold a Board Meeting shall be simple majority, i.e. five members of the nine member board.  On all voting matters a majority of the Board Members present must vote in the affirmative to pass a resolution.

C. Special meetings of the members may be called by the President.  At the written request of at least ten percent of the members, the Board of Directors shall call a special meeting to be held within 30 days after receipt of such a request.  Notices of special meetings shall be given 14 days in advance of such meetings by being posted at the pro shop.  Such notices shall specify the time, date, location and agenda of the special meeting.


The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of a Chairman, who must be a member of the Board of Directors, and two other members.  The name of those members proposed shall be posted at the pro shop at least one month prior to the annual meeting.

Other persons may  be placed in nomination by petition signed by at least 25 members of the BMMGA and such petition delivered to the Chairmen of the Nominating Committee at least one month prior to the annual meeting.


Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by resolution of the Board of Directors or by petition signed by at least ten percent of the members of the BMMGA stating the substance of the proposed amendment(s) and filed with the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the meeting of the members at which time the proposed amendment(s) are to be considered.  An amendment so proposed maybe adopted at any annual meeting of the membership or at any special meeting called for that purpose by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership present provided at least 60 percent of the current membership is present, either in person or by proxy.  The substance of the proposed amendment must accompany the notice of the meeting, and be given at least 20 days before the meeting.