Under the World Handicap System, your course handicap represents the number of strokes needed to play to par for the set of tees being played. As a result, your Beech Mountain Course Handicap will vary more from tee to tee than it did in the past. There are no longer any adjustments based upon which tee you are playing, as this is already taken into consideration in the new World Handicap System course calculation.

Whenever the format of play allows, you are encouraged to pick up once you have reached your maximum hole score for handicap purposes – which is a Net Double Bogey.

Net Double Bogey = Double Bogey + any handicap strokes received on a hole.



The Board of Directors has approved the following Rules and Regulations which are designed to ensure the greatest possible
enjoyment of the Club, with certain limitations necessary to ensure a congenial and agreeable atmosphere on all Beech Mountain
Men’s Golf Association (BMMGA) events. Observance of these regulations by members will maintain the high standards of
the Club:

Club Rules: All rules and regulations of the Club will be observed by BMMGA members, in order to set the standard for all
guests and non-members of our Association.

Handicaps: The framework of all competition is based on each member having a verified handicap. To ensure this principle,
all members will post each and every score played at this Club or other courses. The following procedures, recommended by
the U.S.G.A. will be followed: 

a.)    Upon completion of play in all BMMGA events, all scorecards with legible names and club number, with the
adjusted scores pursuant to the World Handicap System will be turned into the Pro Shop for
posting by a club employee.

b.)    All other eligible scores for rounds played by BMMGA members shall be posted as soon as practicable after the round to maintain eligibility to play in BMMGA. Failure to do so will result in the posting of a score equal to the lowest score of the ten scores used to compute his current handicap.

c.)    Scores for the members playing only 9 holes shall be posted, as provided in (b) above, by complying with the rule for posting 9 hole scores. The Pro Shop personnel will assist you in applying with the rule. Just ask!

d.)    The actual number of strokes on each hole shall be marked on the scorecard, but for handicap purposes, the score will be adjusted by the posting agent using the World Handicap System method of maximum hole score. A copy of this method is posted on the Bulletin Board under the heading “BMMGA” outside the Pro Shop. Each member should familiarize himself with the method.

e.)    Since the Club only operates for approximately six months per year and most members have other clubs where they play and have established handicaps, each member of the BMMGA shall submit a copy of his most recent handicap card(s), with a course rating and slope, or a facsimile thereof to the BMMGA at the beginning of each year. The Handicap Committee reserves the right to not issue a handicap to our members until this has been done.

f.)    The Handicap Committee shall compute and adjust handicaps in accordance with the U.S.G.A rules using tournament performance.

g.)    Handicaps will not be issued to a member who has submitted fewer than five acceptable scores.

h.)    Sporadic auditing of compliance shall be conducted by the Handicap Committee.

Qualifications to participate in BMMGA events:
a.)    All members of the BMMGA who have Club approved handicaps will be entitled to participate in all BMMGA events.

b.)    Any BMMGA member who does not have a Club approved handicap may apply to participate in any event. The Handicap Committee will determine the member’s eligibility.

c.)    BMMGA Championship participation will require that a member is in good standing with the BMMGA for the current calendar year and has a verifiable GHIN Handicap.

d.)    Guests of BMMGA members may play in BMMGA events with their host without participating in the event, on a space-available basis taking into consideration the type of event being played. The Club Pro shall determine whether the event and space will allow a guest to play.  Certain special events may modify this rule.

e.)   Participation in Interclub events will require a member to have participated in at least five men’s day events in the previous year, effective 2008. Non-qualifiers due to medical or family problems may petition the Interclub Committee for participation the following

f.)    Each member, to maintain his qualification to participate, is required to notify the Pro Shop, no later than 3 PM the day before the starting time of the event that he needs to cancel. Failure to do so will result in incurring a penalty as determined by the Board.
(Currently first offense $5 additional charge at next event; second offense $10 additional charge; third offense expulsion from future events for a period determined by the Board.)