BMMGA Board Meeting


Minutes of the meeting held August 19, 2015.


The meeting was called to order by the President Urs Gsteiger.

Present were Board Members Steve Smith, Jim Franklin, Drew Sayko, Tom Higgins, Dan Andriso, Jim Franklin, and Harold Kaplan.  Also present were members David Scherer, Richard Mayeron and Richard Murtland, who have all agreed to serve on the Board.

Reports were then presented as follows:

The President indicated that the BMMGA has three new members.

The Secretary indicated that the minutes of the meeting of June 10, 2015, as revised, had been e-mailed to all Board Members. Motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded and approved unanimously.

The Treasurer presented his updated financial report. The revised budget was very close to what was previously approved.  The BMMGA now has 142 members; the junior restricted golf fund now has $1250 that was recently transferred to the BMMGA account, which will be spent on junior events. There is a $1150 restricted fund designated to reimburse a Beech Mountain Club employee for expenses incurred in obtaining a PGA certification.

There was a motion made, seconded and unanimously approved to pay $27.00 for each BMMGA member attending the annual banquet.

The Membership and Handicap Chairman reported there are now 142 members.

The Interclub/Games Chairman discussed the Interclub and Weekly Games, noting that a member must play on at least five men’s days to qualify for an Interclub team.  Sign-up for an Interclub team is via e-mail, the BMMGA website or the sign-up sheet in the golf association room.

The Social Chairman indicated that arrangements for the annual banquet were complete. All BMMGA members who sign up for the banquet must follow the rules for signing up, which will be well publicized, to prevent members calling the Club directly.  Members must sign up by September 2 on the sign-up sheet in the golf association room.

The Special Events Chairman reported that 96 players signed up for the Men’s' Member/Guest.  There was a discussion on possible improvements to this event.  The Member/Guest golf committee is now a sub/committee of the Club Golf Committee. 

The Folds of Honor fundraiser will be held over Labor Day weekend for the benefit of disabled veterans and the families of deceased veterans.  Two-man teams are needed to man the donation table for this event.  Richard Murtland volunteered fill in for Steve Smith during the event.  

There was a discussion on allocating money for a continental breakfast on the BMMGA Member/Guest day.  No decision was made.

Old Business:

The following officers were designated for the coming year: Tom Higgins – President; Jim Franklin – Vice President; Harold Kaplan – Treasurer; Drew Sayko – Secretary.   


New Business:

The President led a discussion on needing one more replacement board member.  He also reviewed proposed rule changes discussed at the Club Golf Committee including: the obstruction rule that passed; sand trap relief for animal tracks; the tucked in shirt rule; flexibility for rescheduling tee time when there is bad weather on Member/Guest days and gas cart use.

There was a discussion on possible allocation of any excess funds available to the BMMGA.  No decision was made.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Drew Sayko

BMMGA Secretary