BMMGA Board Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held August 22nd, 2012.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Don Hilsmier.

Present were Board Members Mike Harrell, Jim Knowles, Paul Bagnasco, Urs Gsteiger, Alan Brister, Steve Smith and Ed Levine.

The first order of business was comments from the President praising outgoing Board Member, Jim Knowles. His dedication to the Board has been outstanding. The membership directory has been excellently composed by Jim in addition to his efforts in bringing in new members. The President further indicated the need for two new Board members. Various possible candidates were discussed and informal invitations will be extended.

Reports were then presented as follows:

The Secretary, Ed Levine indicated that the minutes of the last meeting were posted in the minute book and in the clubhouse. Additionally the minutes were circulated via email to Board members.

The Treasurer, Alan Brister indicated that we were on budget and doing well for the year.

Handicap – Membership Chairman, Jim Knowles led a discussion of the current state of our membership. There are now 166 members which is higher than it has been for two years.

Urs Gsteiger, the Interclub & Weekly Games Chairman, discussed a continuing problem with Interclub cancellations. Certain members have been signing up and then not showing up for the tournaments. This causes difficulties and embarrassment. A motion was made, seconded, and passed that a team captain will be designated for each Interclub match to contact all players who have signed up. Unless they cancel and notify the team captain by the Thursday prior to the date of the Interclub, they will be billed for the entry fee. Urs additionally discussed next year’s tournaments and indicated that he will send out proposed tournament formats for next year shortly.

Mike Harrell, the Social Chairman, indicated that all was set up and prepared for the annual banquet and the DJ was also hired.

Paul Bagnasco, the Publicity Chairman, indicated that golf information will be sent in by the Pro Shop.

Steve Smith, Special Events Chairman, reported that the Member – Guest Tournament went very well and was well received. Attempts will be made to better market the tournament for next year to increase participation.

All reports were approved and accepted by the Board.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Levine

BMMGA Secretary