BMMGA Board Meeting

Minutes of the BMMGA Board on July 20, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Higgins.

Present were board members Dan Andriso, Harold Kaplan, David Scherer, Richard Mayeron, Richard Murtland and David Frum, who acted as Secretary for this meeting.

The minutes from the previous meeting on September 9, 2015 which were previously emailed to members of the Board were moved on, seconded and unanimously approved as written.

New Business:

  • After a brief discussion, the Board resolved to defer the replacement of Jim Franklin as Vice President and Board member. 
  • Dan Andriso reported on the BMMGA Annual Banquet which will be held on September 11, 2016.  The association will pay $27 towards the cost of any member’s attendance with the member paying the full cost for his guest. (Subsequent to the meeting, Dan was able to secure the price of $27++ per member with menu choices of Boursin Chicken and Bourbon Salmon.)
  • Dan Andriso reported dates for 2017 BMMGA luncheons of June 7, July 12 and August 9 and BMMGA Annual Banquet of September 10.
  • Richard Mayeron reported all interclub play was successful with 8 BMMGA players at each event.
  • After discussion regarding missing the Junior Tournament this year, the Board proposed that John Carrin be the lead in working towards holding a Junior Tournament in 2017. 
  • The Fields of Honor fund raising campaign will be held on September 3 and 4.  A sign-up sheet will be posted in the association room for members to indicate their willingness to act as fundraisers and schedule the time for them to greet golfers and request their financial support. 
  • Invite-a-Guest will be held August 10 with BMMGA paying one-half the cost of the luncheon for the member with the member paying full cost for his guest.
  • A motion was made by Harold Kaplan to establishment a “drop zone” on BMC hole 18. This “drop zone” has been used on a test basis by BMMGA for several weeks and offers an alternative for balls hit into the lateral hazard to the left of the fairway.  The motion was seconded by Richard Mayeron and with no further discussion, passed unanimously. (Subsequent to the meeting, the BMC Golf Committee adopted the “drop zone” as a BMC local rule.)
  • There was discussion regarding the “Bunker Washout Rule” in which a ball hit into a washed out bunker may be dropped out of the bunker without penalty.  An alternative “Rake and Replace” local rule for washed out bunkers and balls resting in deer hoof marks will be discussed with John Carrin.

Old Business:

  • Although the BMMGA board authorized the association to contribute up to $400 towards the cost of a new P.A. system last fall, the BMC purchased and installed the system without the BMMGA contribution.
  • The association will continue to contribute $150 per week to the weekly tournament purse through August 2016. This amount is an increase of $50 over previous contributions.

Harold Kaplan presented the Treasurer’s Report which was accepted subject to an immaterial change.  Harold also proposed the BMMGA terminate its relationship with Bank of America and open a new, interest-bearing account at Highland Union Bank.  Authorized signers on the new account will be the BMMGA President and Treasurer with only one signature required.  Richard Mayeron moved to change banks as Harold proposed.  The motion was seconded by Dan Andriso and with no further discussion, passed unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, David Frum, Acting Secretary.