BMMGA Board Meeting


Minutes of the meeting held June 10, 2015.


The meeting was called to order by the President Urs Gsteiger.

Present were Board Members Steve Smith, Jim Franklin, Marty Glassman, Drew Sayko, Tom Higgins, Dan Andriso, and Harold Kaplan.


Reports were then presented as follows:


The President reviewed topics from the Beech Mt. Club Golf Committee meeting including: new greens, issues with greens such as No 16, five tee boxes at all holes will be available next year and the handicap system.


The Secretary indicated that the minutes of the meeting of September 24, 2014, as revised, had been e-mailed to all Board Members. Motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded and approved unanimously.


The Treasurer presented his updated financial report, attached. We anticipate having about $6,715 in the bank at the end of the season, of which $1,150 is restricted. The Treasurer indicated that several items had come in under budget. Discussion was had about how best to gradually reduce the surplus. Ideas included subsidizing a larger part of the BMMGA banquet and contributing more to weekly prizes in June, July and August.  No decision was reached and the issue will be discussed at a later Board meeting. The Treasurer also presented the revised 2015 budget which includes a membership of 134. Both the report and revised 2015 budget were approved by motion, seconded and a unanimous vote.


The Membership and Handicap Chairman reported there are now 134 members and a discussion was held on how to recruit additional members, including providing information on the BMMGA to all new Club members.


The Interclub/Games Chairman discussed the Interclub and Weekly Games, noting that the Interclub teams were now full.  There was a discussion on assuring that all participants should know how to properly keep score.


The Social Chairman indicated that arrangements for all the golf luncheons were complete and the prices will remain the same as last year.  The August luncheon will be in conjunction with Invite a Guest day. There was a discussion on the BMMGA’s contribution to the cost of the annual banquet, but a decision was deferred to a later board meeting.  All BMMGA members who sign up for the banquet must follow the rules for signing up, which will be well publicized, to prevent members calling the Club directly.


The Publicity Chairman reported increased traffic on the Associations website, which is the main source of information and publicity.


The Special Events Chairman reported that the Mens' Member/Guest event will be substantially the same as last year.  There was a discussion on facilitating more member input on special events.  The Folds of Honor fundraising event will be held over Labor Day weekend.  A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to have the BMMGA contribute up to $75.00 for decorations.  The Junior golf event went well and the Invite-a-Guest program may provide an opportunity for publicity on the Beech Mt. Club to non-members.


Old Business:

The President led a discussion on how to deal with the BMMGA’s surplus funds, but a decision will be delayed until we get a better idea on exactly how much money is in our account later in the year.

There is $1150.00 in restricted funds that can be used to help finance Donny’s expenses to get his USGA Pro Certification.

The prizes for the BMMGA weekly events may be increased and the banquet contribution also in increased, but these decisions will be made at a later board meeting.


New Business:

The President led a discussion on two replacement board members (proposed were Richard Murtland and Richard Mayeron), as well as a new President.

There was a discussion on refunding BMMGA dues for a member who is unable to play golf.  This will be left to the board’s discretion after a member requests a refund.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Drew Sayko

BMMGA Secretary