BMMGA Board Meeting


Minutes of the meeting held June 18, 2014.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Urs Gsteiger.

Present were board members Tom Higgins, Harold Kaplan, Steve Smith, Paul Bagnasco and Drew Sayko.

Reports were presented as follows:

Since the Secretary could not attend the last meeting the minutes were taken by Urs Gsteiger, who presented copies to all the board members.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to approve the minutes of the last meeting.

Tom Higgins, Treasurer, presented the 2014 Estimated Budget and the BMMGA Account Report.  A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to again donate $75.00 to decorations for the Patriot’s Day  fund raiser and to approve the budget.

The Membership/Handicap chairman could not attend the meeting.  There was a discussion, led by Urs Gsteiger, on the need for members to have current handicaps and that the USGA rules allow a golfer to have only one handicap.  All scores should be reported in the GHIN system, which is available on line.

Harold Kaplan volunteered to take the Interclub/Games chairmanship.  Urs Gsteiger reported that the first Interclub match scheduled for Beech Mountain had been canceled. 

Dan Andriso, Social Chairman, could not attend the meeting, but reported that all the arrangements were made for the first BMMGA luncheon.

Paul Bagnasco, Publicity Chairman, reported that all the results for BMMGA events were posted on our website.

Special Events Chairman, Steve Smith, reported on several events, including the Club Member Guest tournament that will include a Taylor Made Demo Day open to all; Arnie’s Army for Prostate Cancer that will be the same day as the Play for Pink event; Patriot’s Day event on Labor Day to benefit the widows and children of veterans, as well as disabled vets; the Hall of Fame Golf School was held and was a success; the Superintendent’s Revenge event will be held and the BMMGA Match Play Event, which now has  8 entries for the championship flight and about 30 for the other flights.

Old Business; There was no old business to discuss.

New Business: A report was made of the BMC Golf Committee meeting:

The Club has initiated a Cart Fee waiver for those walking after 3:00 PM on Mondays.

                        The Golf Committee revised the A & B start rules for Men’s Day golf.

                        There will be no B group on 18


                        Next year’s committee will decide the early sign-up policy for the

                        Member/Guest tournament.


                        The rule on holes 15 and 16 for “Cart Paths Only” was deferred to



                        On 18, there was a discussion on not allowing searching for balls

                        behind the red stakes.  This was deferred to the Golf Committee.


                        There was a discussion on establishing a Drop Zone on 16 for balls

                        hit into the water.


                        Board members were encouraged to promote our website.


A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted

Drew Sayko