Minutes of the meeting held September 24, 2014.

The meeting was called to order by the President Urs Gsteiger.

Present were Board Members Paul Bagnasco, Tom Higgins and Dan Andriso. The President also had the proxy of Harold Kaplan.

The first order of business was a comment from the President thanking Paul Bagnasco for his Board service.

Reports were then presented as follows:

The President, filling in for the Secretary, indicated that the minutes of the meeting of August 6, 2014, as revised, had been e-mailed to all Board Members. Motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded and approved unanimously. The Treasurer presented his updated financial report, attached. We anticipate having about $6,715 in the bank at the end of the season, of which $1,150 is restricted. The Treasurer indicated that several items had come in under budget and that the $150 contribution for the Member-Guest trophy had not yet been paid. Discussion was had about how best to gradually reduce the surplus. Ideas included subsidizing a larger part of the BMMGA banquet and adding to the Mens’ Day prize money in June, July and August. No decision was reached and the issue will be discussed at the first 2015 Board meeting. The Treasurer also presented a draft 2015 budget which anticipates a membership of 145. Both the report and proposed 2015 budget were approved by motion, second and unanimous vote.

The President led a discussion of the current state of our membership. There are now 152 members, but after the annual billing in November we expect to lose some members next year due to age and medical issues. We have one individual who we expect will be joining next year.

The President discussed the Interclub and Weekly Games, noting that the proposed games schedule was e-mailed to the Board.  Beech Mountain Interclub for both men and women has been moved to July in an attempt to increase participation. If that does not work, the Club may combine the two Interclubs on one day. The BMMGA Championship will take place on a Wednesday and Friday due to a scheduling conflict with the BMLGA. During the same week both the BMLGA and BMLN will also hold their championships. All calendars have been coordinated and finalized with the Club.

In Old Business, the President reported that the Board had approved a $250 donation to the Junior Golf Academy via email and that pledges at the BMMGA banquet had totaled another $1250, which will allow Carole Clark to fund the Academy for the next several years. The Social Chair reported that a number of banquet attendees did not sign up on his list but rather called the Club directly, thus causing problems with reconciling payment and possible problems with seating. Discussion was had about how to address this issue. Motion was made, seconded and passed that in the future all banquet attendees must sign up through the BMMGA or their dinner would not be subsidized.

In New Business, the President discussed Jim Franklin as the new Board member. Motion was made, seconded and passed to add Jim Franklin to the Board. Discussion was then had about entertainment at future BMMGA banquets, the cost vs. benefit and possible options. Motion was made, seconded and passed to eliminate a DJ or other paid entertainment at future BMMGA banquets. The savings are reflected in the proposed budget.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Urs Gsteiger

Acting for BMMGA Secretary