2018 BMMGA Board Meeting

Sept. 26, 2018


The meeting was called to order by President Tom Higgins. 

Also present were board members Richard Murtland, Richard Mayeron, David Scherer, David Frum, Richard Andresen, Bob Gallagher, Harold Kaplan & Drew Sayko.

The minutes from the previous meeting on September 20, 2017, were presented. Murtland made a motion to approve and seconded by Andresen. The minutes were unanimously approved as written.

Higgins made a motion and seconded by Murtland to elect Richard Mayeron as the new President of the Beech Mountain Men’s Golf Association (BMMGA). All Board members approved the move. Richard Mayeron, as President, then took charge of the meeting. 


Treasurer/Budget Report: A statement as of Sept 2018 was presented by Harold Kaplan, including restricted funds, estimated expenses through 2018 and a projected budget for 2019.

It was unanimously decided to donate the $1250 from the Junior fund to the Junior Tee Program. It was also agreed that, if the $1150 in the Pro-School fund is not used by one of the BMC associated within the next 12 months, these funds would also be donated to the First Tee Program.

The use of surplus funds to pay for better trophies, prizes, and increase to men’s day purses were discussed. It was decided to subsidize the purses with $150 in June, July, August, and September. Prize money contributions in May and October will be $100. $150 will be allocated for door prizes at the banquet. The BMMGA will continue to pay members’ cost for dinner at the banquet (minus the ++). Special awards for attendees will be maintained.  

Interclub/Weekly Games: The dates for 2019 are set. The problem of last-minute cancellations was discussed, and the sign-up rules will be changed to address this issue. Other possible formats for the weekly games were discussed, including substituting an ABCD format for the random draw. The new rules were discussed and will be tried on days when scores are not reportable.  

Social: The dates for the three 2019 luncheons and the banquet are set. Last year’s dinner banquet was a success.

Publicity: The BMC bulletin was discussed and thought to be a good idea.

Folds of Honor: $1600 was raised in 2018, and it will be held again in 2019.

Other Old Business: Temporary memberships were discussed, and it was decided to allow BMC renters the opportunity to join the BMMGA.

Other Business

The 2019 officers are:

            President Richard Mayeron

            Vice President          Richard Murtland

            Secretary Drew Sayko  

            Treasurer Harold Kaplan 

Other Board members for 2019 are Rich Andresen, David Frum, Tom Higgins, Bob Gallagher, and David Scherer.

The 2019 Committee Chairmen are:

            Men’s Day Formats Richard Mayeron

            Interclub David Frum

            Social David Scherer

            Membership Bob Gallagher

            Rules/Bylaws Handicaps   Tom Higgins

            Special Events Richard Murtland

            Handbook/Website Rich Andresen

Ryder Cup The format was discussed, and the games committee will adopt more rules.

Special Events The BMMGA Championship is scheduled for August 1-3, 2019. The Invite-A-Guest was moved to the second Wednesday after the Championship.

Rules and Regulations: The following changes were discussed and adopted:

Under BEECH MOUNTAIN MEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION RULES AND REGULATIONS, the qualifications under Section C were changed to the following:

c.) BMMGA Championship participation will require that a member is in good standing with the BMMGA for the current calendar year and has a verifiable GHIN handicap.

Website & Database The Membership Directory and Meeting Minutes will be updated and will be posted on the website, with the Bylaws and updated Rules & Regulations.

The purchase of a label maker for the mail slots was approved.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.  

Respectively submitted, 

Drew Sayko

Secretary the