BMMGA Board Meeting

Minutes of the BMMGA Board on September 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Higgins.

Also present were board members Harold Kaplan, David Scherer, Richard Mayeron, Richard Murtland and Drew Sayko

The minutes from the previous meeting on July 20, 2016 which were previously emailed to members of the Board were moved on, seconded and unanimously approved as written.


  1. Secretary:
  1. All meeting minutes will be posted on the website
  1. Treasurer:
  1. The budget was presented and discussed
  2. The checking account has been transferred to Highlands Union Bank
  3. The budget was based on 140 members and we presently have 143
  4. The Pro-School funds were donations and must be reserved for this use
  5. The Junior Golf Camp reserved funds were also from donations, $200 of which came from the BMMGA
  1. Interclub/Weekly Games:
  1. Adding an extra invited a guest day was discussed
  2. Modifying the weekly games was discussed and it was decided to drop the step aside scramble
  3. It was discussed that foursomes, when possible, should have A, B, C and D players
  4. Increasing the number of weekly players was discussed; with 30-45 players being the norm
  5. The number of rounds at the club is down, but stay & play seems to help membership
  6. It was decided to take advantage of Mimosa Morning to provide information to Club members on the BMMGA
  7. Richard Murtland led a discussion of the NE Tenn. Golf Association, with twice a week opportunities to play at a number of other golf courses with, at most, a 1.5 hour drive
  1. Social:
  1. David Frum will be Social Chairman
  2. There will be 3 golf luncheons and 1 awards banquet next year
  1. Publicity: No Report
  2. Special Events:
  1. Patriots Day/Folds of Honor Day raised $1300.00
  2. The Junior Tournament will be held on one of two selected dates, depending on the least conflict with other Junior events
  3. The Invite a guest was on August 10th
  1. Member ship:
  1. There are presently 143 members

Old Business:

  1. The use of surplus in our account was discussed and it was decided that the goal will be to run a deficit of about $300.00 Each year
  2.  The Invite a Guest breakfast and luncheon were discussed and it was decided to continue to pay ½ the cost for members; guests will continue to pay full price charged to the member’s account
  3. The new Drop Zone at 18 has received good comments


New Business:

  1. The new Board members were unanimously approved for a 3 year term. They are Richard Andresen and Bob Gallagher.
  2. The Officers for 2017 were unanimously elected for a 3 year term as follows:
    • President – Tom Higgins
    • Vice President – Richard Murtland
    • Treasured – Harold Kaplan
    • Secretary – Drew Sayko
  3. The Committee Chairs for 2017 were appointed by the President for Membership (Bob Gallagher), Website and Handbook (Rich Andresen), Men’s Day (Tom Higgins),  Interclub (Richard Mayeron), Social (David Frum), Rules/Bylaws (Richard Murtland) and Special Events (David Scherer).
  4. The Awards Banquet was a success, but attendance was down from last year
  5. It was decided to continue the special awards for the Banquet to be presented to members present at the Banquet
  6. It was discussed that the BMMGA would pay $27.00 ++ for the 2017 Banquet
  7. It was decided to continue BMMGA annual dues at $55
  8. The BMMGA Championship will be held August 2 and 4, 2017 with 6-8 golfers per flight
  9. It was decided to move the Invite a Guest Day in August 2017 to the second Wednesday after the Championship (August 16th) to allow more flexibility in setting a possible rain date for the Championship
  10. It was discussed that pictures from weekly play could be posted on our website and made available for the Banquet
  11. The next Board meeting will be called by Tom Higgins sometime in mid-June 2017

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, Drew Sayko, Secretary.