BMMGA Board Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held September 19th, 2012.

The meeting was called to order by the President Urs Gsteiger.

Present were Board Members Mike Harrell, Marty Glassman, Paul Bagnasco, Alan Brister and Steve Smith. Also present was John Carrin.

The first order of business was comment from the President thanking the new Board for agreeing to serve. The President then introduced the new Board Members Bob Hurt and Marty Glassman and asked for a vote approving their nominations. Motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously. The President then presented the Board positions for next year. President, Mens’ Day games and Handbook, Urs Gsteiger; Vice-President and Special Events, Steve Smith; Secretary, Ed Levine; Treasurer, Alan Brister; Handicap and Membership, Marty Glassman; Social, Mike Harrell; and Special Events and Publicity, Paul Bagnasco.

Reports were then presented as follows:

The President, filling in for the Secretary, indicated that the minutes of the last meeting had been e-mailed to all Board Members, were posted in the minute book and in the clubhouse. Motion was made to approve the minutes, as amended prior to the meeting, seconded and approved unanimously.

The Treasurer, Alan Brister indicated that we were on budget, were doing well for the year and should have $6,000 in the bank of which $1,150 was restricted. Carrin stated that one of the new Assistants hired for next year would be working on his certifications and would likely be applying for reimbursement.

The President, Urs Gsteiger, led a discussion of the current state of our membership. There are now 166 members, but after the annual billing we expect to lose some members next year due to age and medical issues.

Urs Gsteiger discussed the Interclub and Weekly Games, noting that the proposed games schedule was e-mailed to the Board. Discussion was had about how best to insure members play with a broad range of other members. Gsteiger stated that about 30% of next year’s games will be formatted randomly, better insuring a wide mix, as was done on last week’s game. Carrin stated that his computer can only do random or ABCD, but that they insure members do not play with anyone they played with the prior week. If the BMMGA would like, it could set the teams for Mens’ Day. The Board consensus was to leave the system as it is and monitor it next year. Carrin stated that Grandfather and Elk River Interclub dates had been moved from Monday to Tuesday for 2013.

Mike Harrell, the Social Chairman, with input, stated that the annual banquet was a success, was almost fully sold out and all waiting list members had been seated. However, there was no dancing and the program had to moved up as members were leaving after dinner. Further discussion was had in New Business.

All reports were approved and accepted by the Board.

There was no Old Business.

In New Business, the President stated that the BMLGA had budgeted another $550 contribution from the BMMGA for the 2013 Golf Ball event, but the BMMGA had only approved this for 2011 and 2012. The Treasurer stated that each year the BMMGA had received a refund from the BMLGA for the Golf Ball and the actual cost was about $330. Motion was made and seconded to approve $550 for the Golf Ball in 2013 and was unanimously approved.

Discussion was had on how to handle the Short Blue tees on Mens’ Day. The current BMMGA policy is that players can sign up for either White or Blue tees, with appropriate handicap adjustment. Carrin stated that the Short Blue tee adjustment was generally 1 stroke off a players Blue tee handicap and it was felt that if Short Blue tees were an option, no one would play from the Blue tees. After further discussion, both pro and con, no motion was made and the current policy will remain in effect.

Gsteiger mentioned that since there was no dancing at the annual banquet and that many members began leaving early, perhaps spending the $300 on the DJ was a waste. Discussion was had, pro and con, about dancing at the annual banquet, the program and its cost. Motion was made and seconded to eliminate the DJ at next year’s banquet. The motion passed on a 3-2 vote.

Carrin stated that the Carolinas Golf Association was moving its handicap system from GolfNet to GHIN, but that details and cost had not been finalized, although it was expected that the handicap cost would be $17-18 next year. In addition, the BMC wants the handicap members to pay for the two computers and printer needed to run the handicap system. After discussion, the consensus was that the BMMGA would pay its share of the hardware cost out of reserves, as long as it was not charged more than its share. Discussion was had about the need for a dues increase and after input by Brister as to the state of our finances, the consensus was that no dues increase was warranted for 2013.

Gsteiger stated that the BMMGA had “dropped the ball” on Patriot’s Day this year and that the golf shop had run it without our help. Gsteiger asked Bagnasco and Smith to start now in planning for next year’s Patriot’s Day, which was agreed to by them.

Gsteiger discussed that a second member who was a no show at Blowing Rock Interclub had raised an issue about being charged. Gsteiger explained how this member likely may not have received sufficient notice and he recommended that the BMMGA reimburse the member for that charge. After discussion, motion was made and seconded to reimburse the member the $65 charge and passed on unanimous vote.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Urs Gsteiger

Acting for BMMGA Secretary