BMMGA Board Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held September 25, 2013.

The meeting was called to order by the President Urs Gsteiger.

Present were Board Members Steve Smith, Paul Bagnasco and Bob Hurt. Also present was John Carrin.

The first order of business was a comment from the President thanking the new Board members for agreeing to serve. The President then introduced the new Board members Dan Andriso, Tom Higgins and Drew Sayko and asked for a vote approving their nominations. Motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously. The President then presented the Board positions for next year. President, Mens’ Day games and Handbook, Urs Gsteiger; Vice-President and Special Events, Steve Smith; Secretary, Drew Sayko; Treasurer, Tom Higgins; Handicap and Membership, Marty Glassman; Interclub, Bob Hurt; Social, Dan Andriso; and Publicity, Paul Bagnasco.

Reports were then presented as follows:

The President, filling in for the Secretary, indicated that the minutes of the last meeting had been e-mailed to all Board Members, were posted in the minute book and in the association room. Motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded and approved unanimously.

The President presented the report from the outgoing Treasurer, Alan Brister, attached. We anticipate having over $6,400 in the bank at the end of the season, of which $1,150 is restricted.  Discussion was had as to why we had such a large balance and how that had occurred. Discussion was had regarding fully funding the banquet cost for members next year and the equities involved. No action taken at present.

The President led a discussion of the current state of our membership. There are now 160 members, but after the annual billing in November we expect to lose some members next year due to age and medical issues. We have one individual who will be joining next year.

The President discussed the Interclub and Weekly Games, noting that the proposed games schedule was e-mailed to the Board.  Since the Interclub schedule is not final, the BMMGA calendar is not final, but the luncheon dates and final banquet are set. The President discussed the new games added for 2014.

In Old Business, the Vice President reported on the meeting of the ad hoc committee for the Mens’ Member Guest. A new date has been selected, additional publicity is in the works, changes to the banquet and the addition of a Ladies program have been proposed. The golf format will remain the same, but there may be changes to prizes. A request was made for the BMMGA to fund a permanent plaque or trophy for the Mens’ Member Guest event. Motion was made to authorize the expenditure of up to $150 for such a trophy, seconded and passed unanimously.

In New Business, the President stated that since the Club Championship was now a stroke play event, there had been a suggestion to make the BMMGA Championship a summer long match play event. Discussion was had as to sign up, publicity, scheduling and format. Motion was made to change the format to match play, seconded and approved unanimously.

Discussion was had about the validity of some BMMGA member’s handicaps. It was noted that GHIN permits any user to see when rounds are posted by any other user. It was mentioned that some BMMGA members had very old handicaps with few recent rounds. The President suggested that the Handicap Chairman monitor this situation.

Discussion was had about the USGA recommendation for adjusting handicaps when the handicap differential in a two man event was more than 8 strokes between players. Carrin stated that in such case the USGA recommends each player in such a team have his handicap reduced 10%. Upon motion and second, the Board unanimously approved that change for Mens’ Day two man events.

The President reported the significant items from the BMC Golf Committee meeting, to include the change to A/B starts, the change to the Club Championship, the Play for Pink request to have two nine hole events and the Ladies Golf Clinic sponsored by Carole Clark. Discussion was had regarding several items.

The President mentioned his research and discussion with a web designer about creating a web site to be shared by the three associations, the possible costs and how such a site would integrate with the BMC web site. The Board requested more information, but expressed initial enthusiasm for the concept since it would simplify publicity and event scheduling.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Urs Gsteiger

Acting for BMMGA Secretary