BMMGA Board Meeting

Minutes of the BMMGA Board on September 9th, 2015

The meeting was called to order by acting President Tom Higgins who is also acting as Secretary for this meeting.

Present were board members Steve Smith, Jim Franklin, Dan Andriso and Harold Kaplan. Also present were members David Scherer, Richard Mayeron, Richard Murtland and David Frum who have all agreed to serve on the BMMGA Board.

The minutes from the previous meeting on August 19th, 2015 which were previously emailed to members of the Board were moved on, seconded and unanimously approved as written.

New Business: In order to facilitate the rest of the meeting it was decided to first vote on the acceptance of the new Board Members. A motion was made by Jim Franklin, seconded by Dan Andriso and unanimously approved by the board, the acceptance of all the new members: David Scherer, Richard Mayeron, Richard Murtland and David Frum. Subsequently, a motion was made by Dan Andriso, and seconded by Jim Franklin to approve the assignment of the Board officers. The vote was unanimous; Tom Higgins would serve as the New President, Jim Franklin would continue as Vice President, Harold Kaplan would serve as the new Treasurer, and Drew Sayko would continue as Secretary.

In old business: a discussion commenced regarding of the spend-down of the surplus. A motion was made by Harold Kaplan to continue to subsidize the annual banquet at the higher level and to increase the weekly tournament contribution by $50 per week for the months of June, July and August. The motion was seconded by Richard Mayeron, with no further discussion and unanimously approved.

Dan Andriso reported that the annual banquet was attended by 50 BMMGA members and most brought guests. The BMMGA also paid for Pro John Carrin and two pro shop staff to attend as our guests. Total attendance was 101. The BMMGA paid $27 towards the dinner for each member. The banquet was deemed a success and the Board was in agreement that the lack of a disk jockey was a plus for the event.

It was also brought up that next year’s “Invite a Guest” men’s day event might include a continental breakfast or some other nicety. No discussion or action was taken.

Also new business: Additionally, the problem of a poorly functioning PA system was discussed. Tom Higgins said he would contact Brian Barnes and John Carrin to discuss the origin of this unit and the possibility of purchasing a new one. A motion was made by Dan Andriso to authorize Tom Higgins to purchase a new PA system for pro shop use up to a value of $400. It was seconded by Jim Franklin and passed unanimously. Dan Andriso announced the dates for the three men’s day luncheons and banquet as June 8th, July 6th, August 10th and September 11th, 2016 respectively. Some clarity was required before finalizing the July date as it might interfere with “no association play” during July 4th week.

The new committee assignments are as follows:

Rules and Bylaws: Jim Franklin and David Frum, Membership and mailboxes: Richard Murtland, Social: Dan Andriso, Men’s day games: Tom Higgins, Interclub and Handicap: Richard Mayeron, Special events: David Scherer.  Urs Gsteiger volunteered (prior to the meeting) to produce next year’s handbook and manage the website.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Higgins, Acting Secretary